Wedding Wagon

First time making a wedding wagon diy project


I was asked to decorate a red Radio Flyer Town and Country wagon for a friends wedding. It seemed very overwhelming at first, the brides colors were cream, blush and gold. Many of you know that the Radio Flyer wagons are red. I remember picking it up and thinking “OMG how am I ever going to get this to be cream or blush and the paint not pop off?”

It ended up not being as hard as I thought it would be. The most time consuming part was sanding down the wood and taking as much red paint off as I possibly could. From there it was just a matter of painting. I used a really cheap basic white spray paint to cover the wagon and from there used an interior paint in the color that matched the brides dress.

The handle was spray painted with a metalic gold and then wrapped with a jeweled mesh that I hand painted to turn gold.

Drawer pulls were used in the center of the wheels and the wheels were painted a mustard with interior paint and then spray painted with a gold sparkle paint.

The train on the back of the wagon came from looking at many different wedding chair decorations. I chose to go with that look to make it look more elegant and to give it some depth. There are several strands of pearls in different sizes and then there are about four different fabrics and ribbon used to complete the look.

The pearls on the sides of the wagon were all strung and then wrapped around to give the layered look. The ribbon on the sides was also wrapped around and was tacked with glue. There were several spots that needed to be tacked with hot glue through out and the Dollar Tree offeres a sparkle hot glue stick that worked perfect for this project. The cushion was a king size pillow, we made our own cover for it and simply made tufted areas to give it a more princess look.